Discover the transformative power of our Far North Dance and Drama Programs by The Travelling Stage. Our dynamic programming for Far North and Remote Communities not only nurtures positive identity and literacy skills among learners but also cultivates performing arts proficiency. Through arts and wellness education, we foster acceptance and self-esteem, addressing bullying in innovative ways. Experience the magic firsthand as Fort Providence, Fort Liard and Fort Simpson communities were enriched with engaging events like ‘Bannock and Books,’ mindfulness sessions, expressive drama, puppetry, dance and more.

“Our people believe in peace. Our people believe in love. We believe in responsibility.” — Niigaan Sinclair

The Travelling Stage

Empowering Education Through Far North Dance and Drama Programs

Join us on our journey as we partner with the Dehcho Divisional Education Council and the Beaufort-Delta Educational Council to extend our reach to 22 remote communities in the upcoming school year. And remember, even in virtual spaces, we can engage your Far North or Remote community no matter where you are in Canada.




Experience the transformative influence of The Travelling Stage’s Far North Dance and Drama Programs. Our mobile dance company empowers students with engaging virtual and in-person experiences, igniting positive identity, literacy skills and performing arts mastery while fostering acceptance and self-esteem. Explore our enriching programs across Ontario and Alberta, with funding opportunities available for schools. Our approach is to listen and learn more than we teach in an effort to facilitate a program rooted in collaboration and a final presentation that engages and empowers your community and beyond.

Curriculum SERIES

From November 1 to 15, 2022, The Travelling Stage had the great honour of traveling to the Northwest Territories to collaborate with schools and communities across the Dehcho Region. A team of seven dedicated Teaching Artists from The Travelling Stage, hailing from Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg, engaged in-person at Fort Providence, Fort Liard and Fort Simpson, and virtually from the Dehcho Divisional Education Council Board Office, reaching out to schools in more remote areas. The Travelling Stage's programming not only supports and fosters a positive sense of identity among all learners but also cultivates competency in literacy and the performing arts. Our approach includes arts and wellness education to encourage greater acceptance of others and to boost self-esteem, effectively countering bullying. In Fort Providence, resident artists organized a community event titled 'Bannock and Books.' Additionally, all students crafted a 'Capsule of Consciousness' containing affirmations, poems, and their dreams. Here, students also actively participated in drama, creative movement, and music programs. Artists based in Fort Liard hosted a yoga and mindfulness event in their community alongside their school involvement. Students immersed themselves in expressive drama, puppetry, and dance classes. At Fort Simpson, artists showcased drama and music programs as part of the Elementary school's Remembrance Day ceremony. The Junior High and High Schools embraced a strategy termed 'Collective Creation,' harnessing their voices to craft a video capturing their school and community narratives. Puppetry, improvisation, dance, mindfulness and expressive arts were other avenues explored. Community yoga sessions took place at the Recreation Centre, accompanied by a yoga training for high school students aspiring to teach yoga for community programming. Notably, an Introduction to Comedy Improv was also offered for adults at the Recreation Centre. In collaboration with the Dehcho Divisional Education Council and the Beaufort-Delta Educational Council, The Travelling Stage is humbled to embark on a return journey to the Northwest Territories, intending to visit 22 remote communities during the upcoming school year. Beyond physical boundaries, The Travelling Stage has also successfully facilitated virtual programs across remote locales in Ontario and Alberta. The Travelling Stage has also facilitated virtual programs in remote locations of Ontario and Alberta. If you are interested in a program in the Far North or in a remote community, please connect with Toni Grates at director@travellingstage.com

“Love is something you and I must have. We must have it because our spirit feeds upon it. We must have it because without it we become weak and faint. Without love, our self-esteem weakens. Without it, our courage fails. Without love we can no longer look out confidently at the world.” — Chief Dan George of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation of Canada

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