Travelling Stage and Mirvish Workshops

Travelling Stage and Mirvish Workshops

2019/2020 Master Class Academy


Musical Theatre Master Class – Led by an established industry professional, this session will guide your students through all elements of a musical theatre production number.  Content will be based on the performance background of the Master Class facilitator.

Movement & Character – Students will explore the physical life of a character through body awareness and an exploration of movement focusing on space and environment.

Adaptation – Designed to inspire the collaborative imagination, this workshop offers  students the tools to springboard between mediums in an effort to create and develop unique material. 

Rhythm & Body Percussion –  Students will explore rhythm and percussion using their own body and simple objects as instruments. 

Stage Combat – Participants will experience the art of storytelling and dramatic intention through theatrical hand-to-hand combat.  This workshop will present basic unarmed techniques with safety being the top priority.

Voice And Text – Students will explore diction, projection, resonance and alignment as it pertains to a piece of text.  The voice is the actor’s instrument and this workshop helps students connect to it physically and emotionally.

Audition Technique – Under the guidance of a professional actor or director, students will learn how to deliver a successful audition.  We’ll explore entering and exiting a room as well as how to bring your unique self to any audition by making bold and intelligent choices .  Students can bring their own monologues or material can be provided.