Mirvish Bookings, ON

Mirvish Bookings, ON



Location: The Underground Dance Centre
220 Richmond Street West, Toronto

Friday, April 3, 2020 Unarmed Stage Combat
2:30-4:00pm – 3 Master Classes will be happening concurrently.

The spaces will be as follows:
35-40 students in the Grande (at the Underground)
30-35 students in the Bridge (at the Underground)
25-30 students in the Dark Room (at the Underground)

INTERNAL NOTES:Group of 106 high school students from Pennsylvania to Toronto in early April, 2020 to see HAMILTON (Thu April 2) and COME FROM AWAY (Fri Apr 3). Students will participate in one of three master classes on Friday, April 3, 2020.  We will be offering: Unarmed Stage Combat, Musical Theater Master Class and Improv. Three Guest Artist will work on this booking together.


Booking M5 Offsite Mirvish Booking
Location – Underground Dance Centre (Richmond St West)
School Attending – Sir Samuel Steele P.S.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020
9:30-10:30am – 45 grade eight students (students will choose which workshop they’d like to attend)
Studio 1 – Improv

INTERNAL NOTES – Kathleen Kelly is bringing the student to see COME FROM AWAY on this day. Following the workshop, she would like to arrange a Theatre Tour (11AM start at the Royal Alexandra Theatre, so the workshop would need to wrap by 10:45 AM at the latest). The students are keen and enthusiastic, but not experienced. We will need to make sure that the material is fully accessible.