Child Care Programs

Child Care Programs

The Travelling Stage offers weekly, biweekly, monthly and one time visits for Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers, Kinders and School Aged Children.

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Infants (12-18 months)/ Toddlers (18 months-2.5 years) / Pre-School (2.5-4 years)
Kinders (4-5 years) / School Age (6-12 years)

Acro – This program combines the power and flexibility of gymnastics with the grace and creativity of modern dance. No apparatus is used as all work is done on mats and the floor. The acro style is often seen in the work of Cirque du Soleil. All Travelling Stage acro programs are taught by certified acro teachers. Suitable for Kinders & School Age.

Adventures in Drama – Climbing mountains, swimming in the sea and fending off dragons are just a few of the things students will do in this workshop. Aiming to unlock imaginations, this workshop is full of valuable drama games, exercises and role play activities. Suitable for Kinders & School Age.

Animal & Nature Yoga – Children will love exploring animal poses and nature in a fun and interactive way. Suitable for Toddlers, PS & Kinders.

At the Ballet – This program introduces ballet using imagination, music, story telling and props. Suitable for Preschoolers.

Caribbean Dance Party – How low can you go? Fun music, energetic movement and a party atmosphere makes this workshop a big hit, especially when it’s cold outside! Suitable for Toddlers, PS, Kinders & School Age.

Comedy Improv – This fun, active and spontaneous series utilizes improvisation exercises and theatre games to help students sharpen their ability to think quickly and work as a team. Suitable for School Age.

Creative Movement – This program guides little ones to use their bodies to interpret music, poetry, images and much more. Suitable for Toddler, PS & Kinders.

Creative Writing – Children will work alongside an established creative writer to create their very own script. Suitable for School Age.

Dance Fitness – This total body experience is a combination of dance, yoga, creative movement, music, meditation and fun! Suitable for Kinders & School Age.

Dancing Through the Decades – Participants will experience dance from a variety of eras. Program includes Charleston, Swing, Twist, Disco, Retro 80s, Thriller, Hip Hop, Flash Mob and Current Dance Trends. Suitable for PS, Kinders & School Age.

From Page to Stage – Children will work together to bring an original script to life written by your very own students!  This program can only be booked after the Creative Writing program has been completed. Suitable for Kinders & School Age.

Glee – Participants will learn popular songs and fun choreography in this high energy program. Long term bookings include instruction in harmony, dynamics and more in depth movement work as well as a final performance for parents. Suitable for Kinders & School Age.

Global Dance Party – Participants dance their way around the world as they sample music and movement from various cultures. Bollywood, West African, Irish, Caribbean, Middle Eastern and Latin Dance Styles will be taught. Suitable for Toddlers, PS, Kinders & School Age.

Global Yoga – Children will hop on their mats and travel the world, exploring the sights and sounds through yoga. Suitable for Toddlers, PS, Kinders & School Age.

Hip Hop Battle – Students learn the latest hip-hop dance moves in this very popular program.  All programs end with an inclusive “dance battle”, where kids will get to share their moves. Suitable for Kinders & School Age.

Jump, Skip and Twirl – This creative movement class was designed with toddlers in mind. Children will explore music, movement and stories as they work on their gross motor skills. Suitable for Toddlers

Latin Kids – Lively movement, energetic rhythms and Latin music make this program a huge hit with little ones. Suitable for Toddlers, Preschoolers & Kinders.

Little TumblersThis program incorporates music, movement and beginner gymnastics. We’ll explore log rolls, forward & backward rolls, crab walks, teddy bear stands and more in a safe and inclusive environment.  Suitable for Toddlers & Preschoolers. **Gym mats provided by your centre are a requirement for this program**

Mindfulness for Children – This program introduces children to the concept of being mindful through experiential lessons on intention, attention, attitude and gratitude. Participants will explore ways to live in the present moment with openness and gain tools to move through their days with more joy, ease and kindness. This program is a great way to connect children to themselves and to the people around them. Suitable for Preschoolers, Kinders & School Age.

Music for Young Children – This program, for children ages 0-3, encourages collective music making through instruments and singing. Maracas, shakers, drums and bells along with simple movements like clapping and stomping for older babies, will help your child gain an appreciation for music, melody and rhythm. This program will include Mini Jam Sessions, where children will be encouraged to experiment with making music with their teachers and other participants in the class. Suitable for Infants and Toddlers.

Step into Stories – Gather around as a professional storyteller reads a well loved tale to your children.  Children will have an opportunity to bring the story to life through dramatic exploration and activities after. Suitable for all ages.

Rainbow Drama – This program gives children the opportunity to participate in drama games, activities, songs, music, movement, role play and lots of imaginative play.  Each session focuses on a different adventure. Suitable for Preschool.

Rhythmic Movement & Drumming – Children will learn and explore the basic rhythms and beats of the djembe drum (as well as move and dance!).  All children will get to use a drum as part of this program. Suitable for PS, Kinders & School Age. *Minimum 2 hour booking required for all drum workshops.

Sunshine Drama – This unique program is perfect for little ones ages 18 months to 2.5 years.  Each session is filled with exploration, imagination, songs, music, movement and role play. Suitable for Toddlers.

Studio Express – Busy family schedules means little downtime!  This program brings studio dance classes to your centre to make more time for families in the evening.  Participants will learn proper dance technique according to industry syllabus alongside a certified dance teacher with a recital at the end for parents.  Choose from tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop or musical theatre.  Suitable for PS, Kinders or School Age.

Theatre Basics – Participants will learn the basics of theatre and how to use their voice, body and emotion to bring a character to life. This session is a great introduction to performing drama!  Suitable for Kinders & School Age.

Wild Wild West – Calling all cowboys and cowgirls!  Participants will explore drama and country dancing all based on the Wild West.  Suitable for Kinders & School Age.

Yoga is for EVERYbody – This program introduces children to yoga in a safe and inclusive way. Students will learn introductory yoga poses and how to use their breath to find calm, peace and joy. Suitable for Kinders & School Age.

$70+HST for 30 minute programs

$100+ HST for 45 minute programs

$135+ HST for 1 hour programs 


Please contact us at to set up the program that best suits your school/classroom. Or download our child care registration form to get started.